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2. Graduate Giveback: Earn 10-20% for referrals

Our way of saying thank you when you refer people to Money & You® in Australia or NZ programs. The money can be paid directly to you or given as a scholarship to a friend or we can even facilitate the money to feed children suffering malnutrition.

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Next Money & You® Program Down Under

New Zealand

April 28 - May 1st 2016 - Auckland

Register & Pay in full by 13th December & SAVE $950!  

Early, Early Bird Price:  $2950.

(Can be paid in 2 payments: $1,500 by 13th Dec, and $1,450 by 13th Feb).

Please refer to for regular pricing and details.

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Please contact Donna 021 38 2323 or email:


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1. Money & You® GLOBAL PAGE

Go overseas and expand your markets globally – upcoming programs in Malaysia, India.  

Hawaii coming soon!  Your promotional materials are welcome on all Network Tables!

Review – Be in Logistics – Be a Receiver at ANY M&Y in the world – even in Chinese. 

All are welcome! 


2. Check out our exciting green global endeavor

Our partnership with Huang Ming, one of the world’s leading Green Entrepreneur:


3. To “excellerate” your managerial / entrepreneurial skills: 

Learn more about people!  Download our 207-page Money-Making Systems Manual 

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4. Keep reviewing the principles!  

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More found in YouTube:  Dame DC Cordova / Money & You


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Waits there's more:

1. Money & You® Magazine

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2. Listen to Money & You Radio

A series of audio interviews with Money & You® Notable Grads and friends that use M&Y 

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