Graduate Giveback

What is the Graduate Giveback?

It’s our way of saying thank you for supporting Money & You®.  We know you refer people because you got a lot out of attending Money & You® yourself and want to tell the world, but it's still nice to get recognised for it!


What are the requirements to join?

1. You must be a Money & You® graduate.

2. You need to register in our system for the Graduate Giveback, including providing us with your bank account details, prior to others registering.

3. They must be referred into any programs supported by 90Degrees Global, so currently Australia & New Zealand.


6 Benefits of Joining our Graduate Giveback…

1. No Selling - Simply refer people to our website, have them attend an introduction evening or get them to give us a call and we do the rest.

2. Win / Win / Win - The person you refer gets great value / you get rewarded / Money & You® continues to educate people and grows.

3. Generous Commissions – refer to table below.  It’s up to you on how you spend it!  

4. Easy to Do - Just refer people, using your personal ‘code’.

5. Transparent Tracking - Login anytime into our Infusionsoft program and see who you referred and where they’re at in the process.

6. Prompt Payment – Receive your commission within 2 weeks, upon completion of the Money & You® course & your person/s not using the 100% Satisfaction. 

Guarantee!  All funds are paid directly into your nominated bank account.


Don’t want this to be about money?

We know people don’t refer Money& You because of any financial gain, however, we just want to acknowledge your time and effort and the very real value this has to the growth of Money & You across Australia and New Zealand.  It’s completely up to you what you do 

with your Graduate Giveback. You could for example, enjoy it or donate it to your favourite charity, create your own personal Scholarship Fund for those you’d like to see do the program who may not be in a position to do so, or even, share it with your referral upon them completing the course.  It’s simply up to you!


Your Referral Fee:



Frequently Asked Questions

How can I track my referrals?

Once you join you will be emailed your login details. You can then access the Affiliate Centre, which is our platform for our members, like our Graduates to view and track referrals.  


How are my referrals linked back to me?

After you register for the Graduate Giveback, you will be provided with your own unique code. When your referrals use your unique link, ANY form they fill in our website is tracked back to you (assuming they are not already on our database). Once the person becomes a 

referral of yours, then you are associated to that client for life. 


When do I get paid?

Within 2 weeks of the person completing their course and do not use their 100% satisfaction guarantee. 


Are the commission percentages based on ‘per course’ or is it an ‘ongoing tally’?

With our Infusionsoft Software program your commission percentage would be paid out on a cumulative basis and not based on the number of people registered for each particular course within Australia & New Zealand.


How are the commission percentages worked out, example, I enrol 15 people very quickly?

Again, the Infusionsoft Software would calculate the first 10 people referred by you at 10% and then the next 5 at 15%.  You would remain at 15% for any future referrals until you reach the next percentage level. 


What do I earn commission for?

Any person, referred by yourself, to complete any Money & You® course within Australia or New Zealand (as promoted by 90Degrees Global).


Can I earn commission on my own enrolments?

No, because you can't refer yourself! 


I have referred people in the past. Can I get the Graduate Giveback for those people?

We are not able to backdate referrals made before the launch of our Graduate Giveback program.


Why is commission paid AFTER the person I referred completes their course?

Just in case they use their 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Where can I go for support?

You are welcome to phone or email either our New Zealand or Australian office. or